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Women's Sizes
How to measure

Abayas are made to be of loose fitting and the sizes are more related to height. For example, a size 56 means the abaya is 56 inches in length. If this is your first abaya measure from the top of your shoulder to the ankle or the floor depending on how you’d like the fit.

Here is a guideline for which size you would be according to your height:


Abaya size guide

Please note if you order our prayer abayas and you’d like extra coverage during prayer then order a size or two bigger.

Height (FT)Abaya SizeAbaya Length (inches)
5 – 5’15252'
5’2 – 5’35454'
5’4 – 5’55656'
5’6 – 5’75858'
5’8 – 5’96060'
PLUS SIZEUK Size 18+Custom Made- Please specify measurments

These Hijab magnets are the new Hijabi must-have for you all. Adding an effortless step to secure your hijabs all day everyday.

1 Pack comes with 1 set of no-snag magnets (2 pieces total).

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Pure Magnet colours:
Rose Gold

Coated Magnets:

WARNING: Small magnets are a choking hazard and are extremely dangerous if swallowed. Please keep them out of reach of infants and children and if swallowed, seek immediate medical attention. They are not advised to be warn by people with pace makers please ask your doctor first.

9 reviews for Hijab Magnets

  1. Johanna P. (verified owner)

    Very good

  2. Fatima J. (verified owner)

    Love this magnets.

  3. Yasmin Bahai (verified owner)

    Great quality

  4. Zeenath (verified owner)


  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Good magnets

  6. Zahra Mushtaq (verified owner)

    They are lovely and soft and so easy! Stay in place.all day over 10 hours.
    Only issue is my soft shell came off my magnet. I probably just got unlucky!

  7. Patricia V. (verified owner)

    Love the colours, the other colour I wanted was out of stock though, overall, great item. Would be nice if there are sets sold.

  8. Saira M. (verified owner)

    Amazing, my abaya smelt so goooood and arrived just before Eid! Jazakallah khair, may Allah reward you for you’re choice of business ❤️

  9. Henna (verified owner)

    Strong powerful magnet which will keep your hijab in place pretty much all day. Love the colour options available to match their abaya collection x

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